Dr. Julien

Dr. Juana M. Julien, South Florida's leading Dermatologist, has over two decades of experience treating all varieties of skin types.

"I pride myself on being more of a global dermatologist. Being from Miami, I'm keen to the many different cultures in this great city. By virtue, I've learned that skin differs by ethnicity and I relish the challenge of succeeding with every skin type.

"In fact, it's extremely important to be cutting edge - not only in the treatments you offer, but also in your training and knowledge. That is why I study procedures and technology that I'd use in my practice and would actually undergo myself."

Our Practice

Dr. Julien's practice extends beyond her expertise. From PA's to office managers, she relies on her dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff - one that is considered family by both patients and fellow coworkers, alike.

"I lean heavily on my staff to make this all work. I rely on the help of an intelligent staff - one that's dedicated and has a long track record of diligence and compassion.

"Without them, I wouldn't be able to extend myself personally and help my valued patients achieve their goals. The quality of my staff is a gift to me, and anyone, who walks in through those doors."

Our Patients

When it comes to client advice, Dr. Julien is always honest because her patients' wellbeing, is a direct reflection of her practice. That is why she wants her patients to ask questions. She encourages them to learn about their body and how it works.

"Many times you'll hear of treatments and remedies that have worked for a family member or friend. But, the truth is, not all skin is created equal. Therefore, I implore everyone I come across to ask your doctors and have them teach you about your body. Get to know how it works, what enhances it and what detracts from it."

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